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Thread: best managed forex account companies

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    Default put your trust in the right place

    AMAN for Managed Forex Accounts

    First of all, thank you for your interesting. My name is Ali Hasan, the operational manager of Aman for Managed Forex Accounts. The main policy of the company with our clients is based on trust, Aman for Managed Forex Accounts considers itself and it client’s on the same boat. Your account is owned by only you, and our role is to manage and trade it.
    Aman for Managed Forex Accounts tries harder and works permanently to provide our clients with the ultimate reachable service. Aman for Managed Forex Accounts has analysis team (fundamental, and technical) working to analyze the market every second. We have risk management team that works to minimize the risk. And we also have dealing room dept, customer care help, with 24 hours supporting team with 6 languages.
    Aman for Managed Forex Accounts deals with 2 systems. The first one is called Managed Accounts, which you already have an idea of the account programs. For more information, please follow The second system is called Cash Back Rebates. It simply means that we pay you cash for each trade you place. Your spreads and trading conditions Do Not Change; they remain the same as if you had opened an account directly with the broker. The only difference is that any client who opens an account with our broker through us gets extra cash for each trade. For more information, please follow .
    Aman for Managed Forex Accounts follows some of the most successful strategies. Risk Management is the main strategy we believe in. Risk Management is the difference between success and failure in Forex trading. Trading psychology is another strategy we follow. Managing your emotions is one of the most qualities of our traders. We believe that good traders strictly follow a complete trading plan that incorporates money, risk management, entry, exit rules, and do not let emotions influence their trading.

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    Default Re: best managed forex account companies

    The best providers I met is at

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    Default Re: best managed forex account companies

    I'm also searching for a good account manager but I find that most of the posts are advertisments so that they don't help much. Before I invest with any provider I have to know what are the important viewpoints of choosing an account manager. For example: broker type? ECN or STP or MM? performance? safety?....

    Here is a blog that I found about how to choose an account manager which contains many relevant and interesting information imo.

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    Default Re: best managed forex account companies

    well I tried a PAMM account with hotforex for a while ... its so profitable and fun you just sit down and watch your money grow

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    Thumbs up Re: best managed forex account companies

    Hi all! My name is Chris and I'd like to introduce my favorit Managed Account provider to you, Perfecto FX.

    I've been a trader myself, but I could never sustain a long term good performance so I decided to look for a managed account instead. Among all providers Perfecto FX proved to be the best, because they gain really nice profits while offering the safest system I have met. Their managed accounts are capital protected from two independent sides, no only the account managers but the Swiss bank also provides capital protection due to the contract between them and the investor. In case the account's equity would fall below a preset level, the bank closes all trades automatically thus saving the invested capital!

    There are two accounts in their protfolio: Perfecto Basic: 70% capital protection (Stop Loss Level)
    Perfecto Premium: 50% capital protection (Stop Loss Level)

    Both have been providing nice results since 2008, the Premium account a +677.07% until now.

    In details:
    2008: +95.84%
    2009: +42.37%
    2010: +76.67%
    2011: +52.67%
    2012: + 3.33% (in the first two months)

    The managed accounts are held at the Swiss Dukascopy Bank, which has proved to be the most reliable brokerage and is also a bank, so is controlled by strict Swiss banking rules - a plus in safety!

    They do not charge anything like managing fees or entrance fees, they only earn a 50% share on the new profits they make as a performance fee. (only on profit above the high watermark)

    The whole system is totally see-through, you log into your account through and watch all transactions real time. All open/closed positions, long/short, dates, lot sizes, everything! And whenever you want to deactivate and withdraw the investment, you just click a button, and you're done. Deactivating is also free of charge!

    They have also got a Partership system that lets you earn more by earning commissions.

    The process of starting the investment is the following:
    - Register on
    - Open Dukascopy managed account
    - Deposit, set your Stop Loss and Activate

    To contact Perfecto FX you can write to [email protected] but you can also contact me personally at [email protected]. Note that I am just an investor with Perfecto FX, I have got a Premium account with them which is performing nicely! And I take part in their Partnership Program, Partner ID: 129647

    Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

    Cheers, Chris

    More information and registration here:

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