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Thread: Trade2Race new online stock trading game!

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    Default Trade2Race new online stock trading game!

    Trade2Race features fast, fair, and easily accessible online stock trading game, giving players the chance to win real money quickly and easily, without playing against the house!
    Two or more players compete by choosing stocks, commodities, or currencies. The winner is determined by which market item does relatively best over a one or two minute interval. While staring at stock prices might be boring, Trade2Race makes the wait exciting, representing it by racecars on a track—as the player’s market item pulls ahead, so does the player’s car. These races are fun to watch, as there’s plenty of opportunity for the lead to change, based on live transactions on national exchanges (through Reuters data feeds). Since the heart of the game involves direct competition with other players, odds of winning are known, and higher than any other gambling game (up to 50%).
    Trade2Race is confident enough of its fun gaming experience that it gives new accounts 10 free units of currency (Pounds, Euros or Dollars) to get the player started in enjoying the games, and a match bonus up to €400 on every deposit. The game plays online, thus accessible from any computer, any time, and is playable in English, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian, selectable through the easy to operate website, which has 24 hour customer support via e-mail, telephone and chat.

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    looks like fun...

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    Default Re: Trade2Race new online stock trading game!

    Losing money is tons of fun.

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