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Thread: September NFP

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    Default September NFP

    Time flies by and after the August disappointment most traders are ready for the September figure which I think will give us more of the same disappointing data. I think we will see downward revisions to the August data and that September will come in between 120K and 150K.

    As far as unemployment rate I think it won’t really matter at all and we could see a drop to 7.2% as more unemployed gave up looking for a job or if we tick up to 7.4%. I do expect the quality of jobs created to be of poor quality and that the long-term unemployed struggle further.

    Those are just my guesses on the figure, on Friday we will get the actual report and knee-reactions. Regardless of what the figures may look like it should be a very opportunistic day to trade.

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    Default Re: September NFP

    Looks like we may not get it today, but in the end who knows. I share your opinion that it will disappoint, but not sure about how big the downward revisions will be if any.


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