Looking for a signal provider??

Why should you chose Instantpip for your automated trades???
That's simple.. The few points mentioned here will make the concept clear..!!

-No latency

-Copy from one trader account to several client accounts

-Copy via internet we do not need to know your password,
simply connect your terminal to our server

-Instantpip Trade Copier with Copy orders feature from 4
digits quotes to 5 digits quotes and vice-verse

-Instantpip Trade Copier works with different quotes symbols
(EURUSD_FX, usdjpy_m, etc.) in fully automated mode

-Copies signals of Expert Advisor as well as manual trades
made on the main trader account

-Supports all types of market and pending orders

-Works with different brokers at same time

-User defined money management (percent by account balance,
percent by equity, etc.)

-Works with standard and micro accounts with any lot step