100% Bonus Credit

100% bonus scheme for members of the

Promotion of Credit Terms 100%:

1. Minimum deposit amount: USD500.00 or equivalent

2. Maximum credit: USD5,000.00 or equivalent

3. New Account

* Promo ends until further notice.

You CAN NOT withdrawl of this credit. Credit is variable and based on your Net Deposit and only for the purpose of improving margins and provide additional capital for clients for trading. This credit is for a new account and deposit these credits can NOT be combined with existing promotions (FXPRIMUS center).


Credit deposit will be automatically withdrawn if your equity deficit of 60% of the initial deposit plus the amount of your credit. For example, deposit $ 5, 000, 000 $ 5 credit equity equity total amount of USD10, 000. Credit deposit will be automatically withdrawn if the equity of $ 6, 000 (60% of USD10, 000), $ 5,000 credit will be withdrawn, and ONLY the equity clients will still be there. We strongly discourage the use of these credits in order to survive part of your risk management as a result of volatile market conditions (volatile). If this happens, we will NOT be held responsible for lost credits. In addition, normal levels of margin calls, which will remain in effect at any time without or no credit.

Deposit credit is valid for a period of 30 days after the receipt. So you can keep your credit fixed for a period of 30 days ahead, you have to trade the equivalent of 10 standard lot within 30 days.

The maximum leverage is 300:1 in this promotion.

Deposits greater than $ 5,000 200:1 maximum leverage.

Deposits greater than USD10,001 100:1 maximum leverage.