Has decided to please here you new programm

Download, use, train, turn out skills and intuition. Receive profit.

And a rating to put do not forget - let others to now about...)
The description:

The program realizes an opportunity to conduct virtual trade on historical data. Thus probably to test manual strategy in a high-speed mode, really and safely (!) estimating a parity of profit and the loss and your own abilities.

The program will help to feel really " fighting conditions ", with an opportunity of "scrolling" of events or pauses for decision-making or analysis of flights.

Train, fighters!))


The expert should be placed in a folder experts (C: \Program Files\...\experts).

It is required to start it in a tester of strategy with visualization.

In the bottom of a window there will be text labels which will operate trade.

For buying it is necessary to select (twice to click on a label) Buy to drag it a little from the bottom edge of a window and to release.

The label will change color and the warrant with preset values
Lot, Profit and Stop- loss will open.