[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0vH7u6U4Vc"]Secret Forex Method leak 02 - YouTube[/ame]

"Here's another leaked video from the Forex Beta Test group. This is freaky stuff, if only half of what they'll saying works then this is going to be insanely powerful. If only I had access to a forex course with this kind of convert forex information. Spread the word, the Forex pie is big enough for everyone. I don't think it is right that just a few have such an advantage over other traders. By the way this is nothing like the Triad Trading Formula or Trend Forex 2.0 which is also coming out soon. I know some people thought this was something to do with Trend Forex or the Triad Trading Formula but this method just blows those two out of the water!"

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