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Thread: And what about the cross currency pairs ?

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    Bars And what about the cross currency pairs ?

    While the AUD/USD BearBull index [7,2] is on a positive foot since a few days, you noticed this is note the case at all for the EUR/USD [0,10]. Thus, this is another piece of information you can extract from our BearBull index; the currency cross universe. As said above, with such index figures, no doubt the EUR/AUD is under severe pressure - since a month now - scoring every day new lows.

    Let's highlight another example inside the cross world universe via our daily newsletter, the EUR/JPY: while the BearBull index on the EUR/USD was negative all past December, the USD/JPY BearBull index recently turned negative [2,8]. As a matter of fact, this can only have a bearish impact on the EUR/JPY cross, which lies this morning below 97.80, falling from 100 like a stone.

    To conclude our cross topic, we will definitely talk about the crosses from time to time on our weekly technical analysis review (each Sunday); but we wanted to emphasize today that our daily newsletter - covering 7 currency pairs versus the dollar - is also indirectly doing this job. Now you know the tip about the crosses !

    Click here to access today's newsletter Snapshot 12.01.2012.

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    Default Re: And what about the cross currency pairs ?

    Sell at 1.0478
    Take profit* at 1.0432
    Stop loss at 1.0512

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