For selection of Strategies I will be using the Custom Filter with the following values:

T-Score: > 9

Winning Percentage: 100% for past week and > 90% for the past 90 days or since inception of the Strategy (I found in my testing that Winning Percentage did not have enough weight in the T-Score value)

Number of Trades: => 2 for past week and > 7 for past 30 days and > 20 for past 90 days or since Strategy inception

Max DD: 0 for the past 180 days (6 months) or since Strategy inception

RAR: Equal to pips gained for the past week

I will NOT select a Strategy that has ANY OPEN POSITIONS.

If none of the top three meet the above criteria, I will expand the search criteria to Symbol = All (currency pairs) in the Custom Filter.

The Strategies selected for this week are:

HBF Platinum - AUD/USD
Trade Activity for HBF Platinum for Past 90 Days -

Deliverance - GBP/CHF
Trade Activity for Deliverance for Past 90 Days -
The Risk and Money Management values will be the same as last week.