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Thread: Tradency Prime Time? Strategy Selection Oct 9 14, 2011

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    Default Tradency Prime Time? Strategy Selection Oct 9 14, 2011

    Examine the daily charts (1 candlestick = 1 day) and the four hour charts for the following currency pairs:

    1. EUR/USD
    2. USD/JPY
    3. GBP/USD
    4. AUD/USD
    5. USD/CHF
    6. USD/CAD
    7. EUR/JPY
    8. EUR/GBP

    From chart examination, I will rank the above currency pairs from best to worst trends going into each week. I will pick the top three and determine if there are Tradency Strategies, using the following criteria, that are good selections for these pairs.

    1. USD/CHF Below criteria not met
    2. AUD/USD Below criteria not met
    3. GBP/USD Below criteria not met
    4. USD/CAD
    5. EUR/USD
    6. USD/JPY
    7. EUR/JPY
    8. EUR/GBP

    For selection of Strategies I will be using the Custom Filter with the following values:

    T-Score: > 9

    Winning Percentage: 100% for past week and > 90% for the past 90 days or since inception of the Strategy (I found in my testing that Winning Percentage did not have enough weight in the T-Score value)

    Number of Trades: => 2 for past week and > 7 for past 30 days and > 20 for past 90 days or since Strategy inception

    Max DD: 0 for the past 180 days (6 months) or since Strategy inception

    RAR: Equal to pips gained for the past week

    I will NOT select a Strategy that has ANY OPEN POSITIONS.

    If none of the top three meet the above criteria, I will expand the search criteria to Symbol = All (currency pairs) in the Custom Filter.

    The Strategies selected for this week are:

    Deliverance NZD/USD
    Trade Activity for Deliverance for Past 90 Days -

    HBF Platinum AUD/USD
    Trade Activity for HBF Platinum for Past 90 Days -

    Neither of the above Strategies have had a NEGATIVE trade in the past 90 days. The first screenshot below shows the EQUITY CURVES for the past thirty days for these Strategies. The remainder of the Strategies in the list will be placed in the Watch List for this week.

    The second screenshot below shows the Risk and Money Management values being set for the Strategies.
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