I have not achieved my goal of placing my trading on full autopilot yet, but I have learned some things that can make Tradency a successful platform for those of you that spend a lot of time at your computer trading.

Start with the following:

1. You must re-select or re-confirm your selected STRATEGIES weekly (it takes less than 2 hours each week to select STRATEGIES for your PORTFOLIO and Watch List (after Friday's close and before Sunday's market opening)
2. Always have a Watch List to monitor potential STRATEGIES for the next week
3. Select STRATEGIES that have a T-Score => 8.0 (preferably => 9.0)
4. Monitor and manually close STRATEGIES that make a bad entry into a trade
5. Manually close trades that are going south
6. Manually close trades when you are satisfied with their pip gains
7. If you only have limited time at your computer, try to be there during the major overlap with the London session (9:00 AM to 1:00 PM New York time)
8. Look very carefully at each open trade (check the charts) at the end of your day and decide whether to manually close it or let it continue overnight

The Tradency platform is becoming more and more popular, but we need two major things for us traders:

1. Someone to test and rank Tradency STRATEGIES like http://www.forexfbi.com/forex-robot-comparison/ and http://www.expertadvisorsforex.com/ does for Robots and Expert Advisors (EAs). I ask you to send and email to [email protected] and submit the contact form at http://www.expertadvisorsforex.com/contactus.html with something like the following:

FOREX traders are becoming more and more interested in the Tradency platform (Tradency.com). Tradency now has almost 600 STRATEGIES, including permutations for various currency pairs, and we would like for you to test and rank them like you do now for Robots and Expert Advisors (EAs). This would be a great service to the FOREX trading community.

2. Brokers and Tradency need to support MINI accounts with mini and micro lots for LIVE accounts so we can move from a DEMO acccount to LIVE TRADING with minimal risk. So, I again ask you to send something like the following to your favorite broker that offers Tradency and to Tradency at: http://www.tradency.com/en/AboutUs/ContactUs.aspx

FOREX traders are becoming more and more interested in the Tradency platform (Tradency.com). We have tested with DEMO accounts, but we would like for you to provide LIVE MINI accounts with mini and micro lots so we can go LIVE with minimal risk before we open, or upgrade, to a standard account.

I am convinced I will achieve my goal of full autopilot trading and I will do it right here in front of your eyes. Regardless, I hope you will take the above to heart for the entire FOREX trading community....Thank You!