This is a follow up to the thread about the Mouteki Demark New Indicator for MT4 and as soon as I put this on my charts I found a use for it, this does not happen often, so whoever did program it deserves a lot of credit in my opinion for a few reasons that if you just look at the tests we made and hear from those whom I believe to be are the creators from, you'll understand that the concept of Trend Lines being manually drawn can arguably be a thing of the past.

Watch dozens of videos on the Mouteki Trend line method on MrMouteki's Youtube Channel

Here is just one of my "forward progress" really a time lapse test of the Mouteki indicator overnight, and I just want our guests and members to just see for themselves how it can be useful to them. I test it on both a 5 Minute chart and an hourly chart, and generally when trading above the trend line (when price is above it) on the hourly based on smaller trend changes on the 5 minute can result in better trades unless a reversal is imminent and almost impossible to anticipate (and which happens in this video too).