Hello Members,

We recently had quite a few complaints about members posting unwanted ads and other content through the use of IFRAMES. Allowing all of you to use the HTML feature, meaning, you can write into any post with HTML code and it will be parsed by the time you hit submit and it is read by others, is a great liberty but can also be abused.

Be forewarned that if you are consistently caught trying to inject into posts anything malicious or third party advertisements via HTML, specifically Iframes, Divs, or other means, you may be banned from using ForexForums.com permanently.

Aside from this, there is no reason to be using Iframes at all when textual and graphical content is easily added via the quick reply and Advanced message posting interfaces; we invite all members to make test threads and posts, we delete them upon request.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter as this is to protect the integrity of the board and maintain the usability for our guests and members.

Thank you.