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    Most Forex traders would agree that currency trading can be very difficult at times and earning consistent winnings are hard to come by for most. As a result, I have attempted to provide an easy to follow but extremely useful Forex trading strategy. The Relative Strength indicator (RSI) is a very helpful tool in the Forex trader's arsenal. This oscillator is usually used on the basis of 14-day, 9-day and 25-days. Let's take a look at the best way to use the RSI and how this forex trading indicator can make you consistent winnings.

    With regards to the Forex market, the Relative Strength Indicator shows the forex market activity in terms of if it is over bought or over sold. The RSI provides the Forex trader with an indication in terms of the direction the Forex market is moving. One of the great advantages of this indicator is that it is a leading indicator and as a result this indicator shows forex traders what the market is going to do, allowing traders to act accordingly.


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    Ivybot? Seriously?

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