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Do you give trade advice over the phone or in other formats?

No, does not give out trade advice via phone or any other format. We, like you, are traders and will post, from time to time, methods and strategies that we ourselves have been studying, testing, or otherwise using in our own trading activities. Such transmissions of strategies does not constitute clear and definite trade advice that can or should be duplicated in any fashion as the hypothetical nature of back testing combined with the unpredicted nature of forward testing and live trading constitute a real risk for loss despite previous positive results.

Does have any special arrangements with third-party sites?

Yes and No. is completely transparant and independent from third party sites but will from time to time offer advertising spaces in predesignated areas that will be marked as "ADVERTISEMENT" and sell spaces to members who are marked as "SPONSORS." and its staff does not engage in deceptive practices to sway your attention toward our affiliates and away from programs with which we have no relationship. According to NFA RULE 2-36. REQUIREMENTS FOR FOREX TRANSACTIONS, section I., hereby states that any such affiliate agreement entered with third party websites has been done so in good faith and the materials put forth by the operators of this site have done so in a truthful and straightforward manner to the best of their knowledge. is hereby not responsible for loss of funds incurred on third party sites stemming from the promotional materials found on this site.

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