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  1. Hello Uni,

    Sorry, your messages on Facebook are just wiped out after a while. Shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you.

    Have a good one,
  2. Actually a vast majority of people will tell you it's good to have a target and I may have said that in the past as well, but these days it seems like just catching the move where my indicators + logic deduce that the proper entry and exit points are in a particular trend. The trend could last minutes, or days, and I could be making profits all that time. But what I do not do at all (these days) is say, "I only made my 20 out of 40 pip target, let me go try and make up for it" It's just a different mindset that if you want to break out of it may be the best for all of you in your trading. Targets are a noble and logical thing to have, of course, I do not deny this, I just say certain things in the market (actually all things) precede what targets you might have set for yourself.
  3. what trading method do you use this days,?

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  4. hello now you are online can we chat
  5. Hi Eni, why don't you shoot me a PM because the chat feature doesn't save your messages to me so I see you IMed me earlier but there's nothing there
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