View Full Version : EA "final edition" , earn 10-15%/ month ,tested on live for 10 months ,5.000.-$

08-23-2012, 13:10
Are you tired of loosing on forex by personal trading ? or you dont have time to trade ?
I can offer you a profitable EA(robot) for 5.000.-$.
is making 10-15 % per month.
I have been tested it for 10 months, and now is ready to make money.
We can do also 50%-50% if i just install it on your account.
It works with all brokers.I have experience whith Admiralmarkets,FXCC,FXCM,FX4you. 4 or 5 digits no problem.It works on 1-10 pairs.
i did not make it for my self. I also buy it ,and spend 20.000.-$ . Have tested it on live and adjust it by my programers. I lost many hours in last 10 month ,and many $, to bring him to todays profit level. Its not so simple. Now is profitable min.10% per month. Evereting more is high risk gambling. I past all the situations on market. From me you get whole instructions about which pair,which TF, how many lots,how many $ ( min.balance 5.000.-$). It takes hard work and long time to get some like this EA. Later,-after 1-2 months of using, you will get also instructions how to make your own interventions ( EA open a trade and you close it), to increase profit.
Its not so simple. It takes many time and money to make robot profitable. It is not posible to buy profitable EA for 100.-$ or 500.-$ or even 1.000.-% .I spend 20.000.-$ and 10 months hard working 8 hours a day to make my robot profitable, to testing it in every situations on live account . You cant only tested it on backtesting, is not the same,thats why it takes time . I tested it on-how many candles to watch , witch pair is the best,witch TF,how many lots per trade,e.t.c.
You interested ? contact me on Skype : milan.anicic3